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在你的实践:提高效率释放the Power of Greenway Health’s Optimization Services

Resolve your healthcare information technology concerns by optimizing your technology, boosting workflows, improving staff productivity, and driving revenue.

EHR system optimization

Greenway Health, a leading health information technology provider, consistently ranks as a high performer on KLAS platforms for its Practice Management (PM) solution as one of its top five. Greenway also received high marks in 2023 Overall Physician Practice Vendor, Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM, Practice Management: Independent, Ambulatory Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Value-Based Care: Patient Portals, EMR-Centric Virtual Care: Telehealth in 2023. With an average tenure of 21.5 years, Greenway’s implementation team members each bring a unique skill set to training that helps address your practice’s needs, driving increased productivity and efficiency.

Specifically, Greenway’s Optimization Services addresses common pain points of front-office inefficiencies such as scheduling, customer service, and other clinical workflows and staffing.

Challenging conditions at the start

McKinsey’s recent reporthighlights the demanding situations practices will face in 2023 with EHR workflow implementation. The main reasons cited are the persistently high inflation rates and labor shortage. Now more than ever, healthcare leaders battle the challenges of managing a practice in a magnified way. The hurdles in healthcare practices cause strain and burdens on revenue in tough economic times. Effective EHR integration is paramount.

According to a recentMGMA Stat poll,medical groups have identified scheduling and customer service as the most challenging front desk hurdle. The inefficiencies with front desk work affect productivity and your bottom line. It’s crucial to improve these areas and use data to inform decisions. By unlocking operational efficiency and elevating patient care, practices experience happier patients, too.

Further, it’s no secret that there’s a gap between healthcare providers and patients. Unfortunately, this disconnect often results in healthcare practices losing time and revenue due to workflow inefficiencies. From poor customer service to issues with billing and scheduling, front desk work can be a significant source of frustration for patients and providers alike. Greenway Health’s Optimization Services strategizes unique solutions to streamline your workflows. Through a comprehensive study of a practice’s entire ecosystem, the tenured Greenway experts will provide you with best practice recommendations.

EHR implementation: Optimization services andcommoninefficiencies

Staffing strugglesabound throughout offices in the US, and staff retention in the front office needs more efficient workflows. In April 2023,anMGMA Statpoll showed that 56% of medical groups said staffing is their biggest productivity roadblock. Through careful workflow analysis on items such as eliminating manual tasks with a heavy click rate and increasing collections at appointment time, Greenway can improve patient safety and data security in specialty-specific practices such as primary care, pediatrics, OB-GYN, or another specialty.

Consider the success story of MD West One, which has been utilizing Greenway’s EHR, Intergy, since 2021. Greenway proactively engaged with them recently, collaborating with Robbee Nelson, a seasoned Senior Implementation Consultant, who visited their premises to oversee their workflows. Robbee analyzed the work of providers, front desk staff, billers, and coders.

Under the guidance of Robbee Nelson, their office received comprehensive and targeted practice management workflow best practices tailored for the front desk operations. During collaborative working sessions with Robbee, the clients explored workflow redesign and how to optimize the entire EHR usability system. Additionally, they covered various aspects of their ecosystem, from utilizing letters and labels for paperwork to efficient order tracking and seamless collaboration with referring providers. Together they discussed appointment limits and rules – preventing appointments from being booked too close together. Finally, the team discussed areas like the patient portal communication and scanning and importing feature.

MD West One’s collaboration with Greenway and the valuable insights shared by the Senior Implementation Consultant have undoubtedly enhanced patient experiences and overall operational efficiency.

MD West One appreciated this data-driven analysis and implemented the step.

“You don’t really get that when you do it virtually. Robbee noticed how things were working for them instead of just listening to what they were saying and assessing the good and the bad for all departments,” stated April Campbell, MD West One, Clinical Integrations Manager.

“我有信心在你们的未来putting through with everything that’s presented to us through the Early Adopter Program (EAP) meetings and other client input opportunities,” says April Campbell, MD West One Clinical Integrations Manager.

Benefits abound through real-world success stories. These enlighten and give a reference point. Consider professional services for the implementation and elevation of your practice.

Reflections on Greenway Health’s Optimization Services

Healthcare practices can innovate and transform workflow inefficiencies by closely analyzing several factors. A well-informed decision requires aligning your practice’s needs and goals. Revitalizing an office’s optimization services requires consideration:

    1. Current workflow and pain points
    2. Objectives and goals
    3. Budget and cost
    4. Customization and scalability
    5. Integration and compatibility
    6. Training and support
    7. Data security and compliance
    8. User feedback and references

When upgrading your EHR, user workflows must be well-planned and tailored when upgrading to fit your practice’s needs. Once you document these various factors, the steps for successful implementation and adoption will become more aligned. Greenway includes completedata securityand compliance in their pricing. This service includes timely and automated upgrades with up-to-date components, such as version upgrades, disaster recovery, maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring.

Final steps

Understand Greenway’s optimization services and common inefficiencies from technical assistance to implementation by speaking directly with a solution expert. Learn how Greenway can address workflow inefficiencies and help your practice receive similar real-world successes.

With the help of Greenway’s Optimization Services, you can navigate the complexities of your practice’s EHR workflow effortlessly to optimize patient care, improve operational efficiency, and deliver excellent care in ambulatory settings. The tailored plan of Greenway Health’s Optimization Services will unlock efficiency and elevate patient care to meet your healthcare practice’s needs.

Discover the power of Greenway’s optimization services and deeply understand common EHR workflow inefficiencies. By engaging directly with our experts, you will learn how Greenway can effectively address workflow inefficiencies, paving the way for your practice to achieve real-world success. Receive best practice recommendations and unlock the many benefits that await your healthcare office. With Greenway’s Optimization Services, effortlessly navigate the complexities of your practice’s EHR workflow, overcome inefficiencies, and enhance patient care while improving operational efficiency. Our team can create workflows tailored to your healthcare practice, saving precious time and simplifying your processes. With our help, you can focus on what you do best – providing excellent patient care.