What Are Femtech Startups Doing for Women’s Health? Find Out at MedCity INVEST Digital Health

Femtech is the theme for the INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect competition in Dallas October 26. Seven startups will share the spotlight and present their approaches to improving women's healthcare. Register today!

It’s widely acknowledged that women’s health needs more attention. The U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate among industrialized countries,according to a 2022 NIH report. Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s vote to overturnRoe v Wade, the push to improve outcomes for mothers facing high-risk pregnancies is more critical than ever. The need for resources and improving access to care not only during pregnancy but also for sexual health and menopause continues to grow.

At theMedCity INVEST Digital Health conferencewithHealth Wildcattersin Dallas, October 26, the startup pitch contest known as Pitch Perfect will spotlight startups focused on femtech. To check out the agenda and register for the event,click here.

The judges for the competition include:

Jay Goss, General Partner,Wavemaker360
Jessica Federer, Managing Partner,Supernode Ventures
Kerry Rupp, General Partner,TrueWealth Ventures

Here are the startups who will take part:

Embr Labshelps people manage symptoms of sympathetic nervous system over-activation, including hot flashes, sleep disturbances, stress and thermal discomfort through their bracelet technology, The Wave. The bracelet tech uses thermal sensations that leverage the human body’s natural temperature control response. Embr Labs’ product, the Embr Wave wristband, provides relief from hot flashes and improves sleep quality using patented technology.

Flourish Careis a tech-enabled maternal health platform for evidence-based community care improving equity and outcomes.

Hera Biotechwas formed to apply advances in biotechnology to address unmet needs in women’s healthcare. Its lead product is MetriDx™, a novel, non-surgical test that utilizes single-cell microfluidic analysis of proprietary biomarkers for the definitive, early diagnosis and staging of endometriosis. Hera Biotech was founded in 2020 by CEO Somer Baburek, Dr. Paul Castella, the executive chairman, CSO Dr. Bruce Nicholson, and Dr. Nameer Kirma, chair of the advisory board. A bi-product of combined fields of expertise, Hera Biotech is changing the women’s health landscape with its potentially life-changing test for early diagnosis and staging of endometriosis.

LactApphas developed a mobile app that seeks to give personalized, evidence-based expert support to mothers on infant feeding and maternity. Downloaded over 650,000+ times worldwide, LactApp uses consultations to create proprietary AI to reduce costs to the healthcare system by increasing breastfeeding rates. The business also created LactApp Medical App, an educational app for healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge on the topic of human lactation.

Myri Health开发了一种产后帮助应用程序designed for all-in-one postpartum care. The company’s application offers digital assistance for postpartum wellness, provides custom rehab tailored for recovery, and offers necessary tools to help them track all things postpartum, providing mothers with a safe community and evidence-based methods to implement both physically and mentally.

Rosy是首开先河的应用,提供个性化d and holistic solutions for sexual wellness. With three membership plans available, offerings include customized Wellness Plans, individual and group intimacy coaching, audio and written erotica, educational videos, supportive online community, and much more.

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Lyndsey Harper in collaboration with a team of doctors and psychologists, Rosy successfully bridges the gap between what clinicians are able to do in the office and what women need to prioritize their sexual wellness and overall health. And medical professionals agree – more than 11% of Ob/Gyns in the United States are now recommending Rosy to their patients.

SimpliFedfocuses on lactation support. It provides virtual breastfeeding and baby feeding support fully covered by health plans at no cost to families from pregnancy to weaning.

Photo:The Good Brigade, Getty Images