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Bob Lindner

As co-founder and CTO, Dr. Bob Lindner overseesVeda’sscientific and engineering teams. He provides strategic vision, builds innovative technologies, and connects veda’s scientists to its Scientific Advisory Board.

鲍勃对数据科学和大幅下跌a passion for solving big problems. With over ten years’ experience, he is a published and acclaimed astrophysicist with expertise in modeling data and designing and building cloud-based machine learning systems.

Bob has had a number of significant discoveries and “first detections” in his years researching and studying. Most notably, he created machine learning code that automates and accelerates the ability for scientists to analyze data from next-generation telescopes. That program, Gausspy, continues to increase scientists’ understanding of our galaxy’s origins. He earned his Ph.D. in physics from Rutgers University and was a postdoctoral researcher at UW-Madison, where he led the development of Gausspy.