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Advancing its core technology offering,Equivaannounced a major upgrade to its health relationship management (HRM) platform, an omnichannel SaaS offering that helps healthcare organizations develop and retain long-term customer relationships. The enhancements improve user experience, data collection, reporting, device tracking and extensibility.

“Moving to a more customer-centric model is imperative for healthcare providers,” said Equiva CEO尼尔·奥特曼(Nir Altman)。“Our HRM environment bridges data analytics with education and behavioral science-driven methodologies to purposefully mobilize intelligence-driven action among consumers, patients, their loved ones, and members of the care team.”

Equiva developed its HRM platform to help HCOs more cohesively leverage digital engagement strategies to strengthen relationships with existing patients and attract new customers. “We blend unique aspects of patient engagement, care management, and marketing capabilities into our digital environment, all within the framework of improving clinical outcomes and financial results.”

Equiva平板电脑,移动应用程序,售货亭,电视,数字标牌和远程患者监控解决方案通过数百个领先的医疗机构中的数千个部署来支持战略计划,包括西奈山,诺斯韦尔,普罗维登斯,哈肯萨克,UNC,UNC Health等。

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Healthmine‘s Health Risk Assessment offering has received Wellness & Health Promotion certification in Health Appraisal after a rigorous review by The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). This accomplishment is the result of Healthmine’s dedicated team continuously optimizing its digital technology to meet NCQA’s high standards and provide clients with the best tools for collecting self-reported member data.

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万博官方网站手机版数字健康公司Carrum Healthhas incorporated metrics on patient outcomes and procedure appropriateness into its Centers of Excellence (COE) platform. Combining its seven years of real-world patient outcome data with comprehensive commercial claims, clinical and Medicare data sets, integrated with a machine learning platform, Carrum Health can now offer unprecedented insights into the three most impactful aspects of quality: appropriateness, functional outcomes and traditional readmission/complication metrics.

Carrum Health的算法是市场上唯一可用的质量工具,其适当性和患者报告结果的因素,同时利用专家在其COE手术和非外科专业中开发的特定于程序的质量指标。

“作为一名医生,与分享我们对高质量患者护理承诺的组织合作非常重要,” Johns Hopkins大学医学院神经外科脊柱中心兼神经外科教授尼古拉斯·西奥多(Nicholas Theodore)说。“通过衡量质量和适当性,Carrum Health通过创建测量系统并使患者能够识别一流的提供者来树立更高的标准。同时,它允许提供者专注于为真正需要它的患者提供护理,最终取得更好的结果。”

神经酮,a medical technology company developing high-definition, minimally invasive thin-film electrodes for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions, has appointed a Vice President of Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs.

乍得·威廉(Chad Wilhelmy)以前曾担任过类似角色HLT Medical,Bracco集团的子公司。

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PRELIS生物制剂has entered into a multi-target drug discovery collaboration and licensing agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). This is the first human-based antibody discovery being implemented in the pharmaceutical industry, according to the company.

EXIS from Prellis is the first fully synthetic, animal-free, functional human immune system that can break tolerance mechanisms in vitro to create high affinity human antibodies targeting human proteins; advanced holographic printing technology rapidly matches and replicates human organ and tissue structures. To date, Prellis has developed antibodies responsive to SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A and Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever.

Under the terms of the agreement, Prellis and BMS will collaborate on the generation of human antibody libraries for select targets. Prellis will receive from BMS an undisclosed up-front payment, funding for research activities, development and sales milestones, as well as royalties for licensed antibodies.

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